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Best Fitness Tips 2019

Fitness tips

Are you looking for best fitness tips?

I do remember when I was searching the tips for my fittest identity. So, many people advice moving around there. I was very confuse to choose a best one. Because everyone want to get in shape and feel great. To make your life bit easier, we have some tips for you to feel you amazing that you actually are.

As a word “fitness” explain itself, it means take a balance diet. Which meets your body level. If you want to be in a list of fittest people like me. Here are some excellent tips for you.

Take Balance Diet

Balanced diet means neither much heavy nor much light. But, all necessary vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and lipids. I will never suggest you a boring life. But, a healthy life. Whenever my family and friends go with me for an ice-cream. I order fresh ice-cream with strawberry, pine apple and kiwi. After some days my friends plan for Pizza. But, no worries. I order Pizza with more vegetables and less cheese, then supplement with salad. Always try to eat healthy food which make you strong.

Take Exercise

Take exercise will always be my first priority. Exercise daily for an hour. Because you don’t have to kill yourself. It’s just to keep you fit. But, not a punishment. Choose a comfortable sneakers and trouser. Which will help you run fast. If you exercise daily, it will increase your work capacity to do work because of your strong muscles. Listen music with a motivational song, which warm you early morning and make strong to do something new. Make sure to be hydrated after exercise. Take some juice which work as a supplement in your body to keep you strong.

Stay Motivated

Motivation play an important role. It is very important to stay positive. Because if you are positive minded and happy. You will be able to push yourself for what you want to do. Just remember past has gone. Future is not come yet. So live in present. It will keeps you motivated.

Get Sleep

There are so many people like me, who work Eight hours job daily. It is very important to get enough sleep to keep fresh. Minimum six-eight hours sleep is necessary in a day.

Fitness tips for men

Every three out of four men are overweight or fat. About 50% men are not physically strong. About 10% men doing relaxing job which cause to make them fat. Balance diet and proper exercise can make you fit from fat. I suggest vary your fitness routine time-by-time. Because when we use same fitness routine for a long time. We feel boring. Make a plan with your fitness friend to go for running. It keeps you regular and in competition. So, you will do more than individual.

Important things to know

It is very important to be hydrated after running. Running makes your muscles strong. When you are in a market for the sake of juices after running, read its nutrition label. Take healthy breakfast containing oat porridge, fruits and nuts. Before eating food make sure of cooking method. Food must be cooked by grill, steam, baking sauté rather than deep-frying. Try to eat food cooked with olive or canola oil.

Fitness tips for women

Women play a vital role in society. Fitness is very important. In case of women, I always suggest eat five times a day. Five times a day include three meals and two snacks. Try to get up early in the morning, take exercise, running is must in exercise. Because it reduces the chances of heart attack. Along with exercise, yoga play a vital role. By breathing, a lot of oxygen inhaled which cause to purify blood and fresh your body.

Fitness Tips for Women


Take oat porridge in your breakfast along with nuts and fruits. It will give you energy. Between breakfast and lunch take some snacks. Because a women carry a lot of responsibilities and also maintain her health. So snacks like pop-corn, as low in weight keeps your standard weight.A heavy breakfast will be mix up with your light snacks and leave a good impact on your health.


Now it’s time for lunch, so you should take some vegetables along with your regular lunch plan. Because vegetables are good source of water in your body. Which maintains quantity of water that you exhale during exercise and routine work at home. To keep your body strong, it is not necessary to just eat, drink and be merry. Women are known as backbone of society, which take responsibility to take care there family along with his own health.


Between lunch and dinner, you should take some snacks with tea. So that you may succeed to maintain a balance. A strong body is very necessary for a strong mind. Take milk, and eggs in addition with your dinner to make your body strong and fit.

Fitness tips for weight loss

Weight loss does not mean to take a break for eating. Here are some amazing benefits to weight loss perfectly. Firstly, take a heavy breakfast full of protein. Protein makes your body keep away to eat again and again. Indirectly, you stop eat as many times in a day. Try to add some snacks in your diet because it causes to weight loss. Take energetic exercise. Sweating is a tool to make your body balance for weight. Green tea makes your body lipids free. It leads to weight loss. Use of pulses in your lunch makes your body strong and keeps you away from over eating. Protein play a vital role for weight loss. It keeps your body strong and free from overweight. Walking and running their own role to weight loss.

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