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Belly Fat: The Best Instant & Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat – Fitnessta

Belly Fat

Belly fat surrounding the organs in our abdomen. A normal range of belly is 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men. People always dream about a smart look at every stage of life. So when we plan to look handsome certainly Belly fat irritating section of our body. Less detoxification, high-stress level, extra insulin hormone, disproportionate carbohydrate diet, and water retention causes to store fat in your body.

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How to get rid of belly fat?

You can also burn belly fat fast through the following five ways:

1) Diet

2) Elimination of Stress

3) Mindful Eating

4) Sleeping Habit

5) Exercise

Proven Road Map to Lose Belly Fat:

Everyone asks this question that how to eliminate belly fat fast, but actually, you cannot skip the steps from the fat burning process in a hurry. Fat burning is totally based on your determination. Its 60%-70% effort towards diet, 20% based on your workout and 10% stress and sleep management. You have to choose foods that burn belly fat. You also have to set exercise goals to gradually reach your desired weight and look.

We have to organize the best ways to lose belly fat with will power and SMART goals.

Take a measurement of your belly before starting the process, and save them as pictorial or written form. Which will make your analysis of fat reduction more feasible. After adopting and going through this challenging process, you will start to lose belly fat in almost 2 weeks.

Also, Take from the front and side shirtless picture of your body before and after workout routine.

Grind Belly fat reduction options according to your Personality:

When you are on a journey to remove belly fat. Your workouts are unable to show results if your diet options are not associated with them.

The question arises what to eat to lose belly fat. Just trying to minimize your calories is not the optimal way to reduce belly fat men goes to the gym may lake energy and get overboard. You should load your diet with healthy food options with enough calories that keep your metabolism alive.

Weight loss and health has not the same meaning for everyone, it varies for person to person. Whether you want to look slim or maintain your weight, you have to choose purposefully what works for you. Eating habits are directly proportional to mental and sexual health as well. So, try to consult your dietitian before changing your diet plans.


Fasting and starving will not work for losing lower belly fat. This may be showing some results in the start but afterward will slow down your metabolism and your mass will be stuck at that point. Never cut down completely any particular like, carbs, protein, fats etc your, take with suitable proportion.

1) Diet

Next paragraphs include all information about to lose belly fat diet plans.

  • Use More Fiber

Fiber foods take less space and do more to fulfill your appetite. Foods high in fiber like grams, flax seeds, chia seeds, raspberries, pumpkin, and pears save you from excessive eating.

  • Avoid Sugar and beverages

Processed sugar, bakery items, and drinks are very injurious to your fat loss process. These foods and drinks slow down the digestion process, increase the chance of bloating.  White sugar provides more calories without any nutritional benefits, which causes weight gain. The high amount of Fructose in sugary items can be a major cause of buildup fat in your belly. Strict cut on the Sugary items can be very helpful in reducing body fat.

  • Take high protein food

Foods high in protein can be a good companion of your fat loss journey. Protein foods can avoid you from carving and improve your metabolism and enable you to take fewer calories per day. The study shows Protein intake inversely proportional to belly fat. Eggs, Fish and other Seafood is the fine diet to lose belly fat. Use of vegetarian protein which abundantly found in beans, chickpeas, and lentils is the fast way to lose belly fat. One-gram Protein burns calories in digestion 4 times more than a gram of carbs. So, more protein intake will burn belly fat promptly.

  • Lower down carbohydrates

Study Shows carbohydrates intake leads to increase appetite and causes weight gain.  Decreasing carbohydrates from your diet is a fast way to lose belly fat. Low carbohydrates diet helps weight loss 3 times more than a low-fat diet. You can lose belly fat in 2 weeks by avoiding White bread, ready made cereals, muffins, pastries, potato chips, and other junk food items.

  • Stick to Good Fats

With the appropriate proportion of protein & carbs. Fats are also essential for our body. Fats provide energy and help to maintain body different functions. But you have to use unsaturated (Plant-sourced) fats, which is called good fats as well. These fats remain liquid at room temperature. Canola oil, Olive oil, sunflower, soybean etc.  If you are on Belly Fat Reduction diet completely avoid unsaturated and trans fats.

  • Add up more Calcium

If you are on belly fat removal diet so don’t forget to add Yogurt and chia seeds which are full of calcium.

An experiment was done by two groups of volunteers at the University of Tennessee by consuming high calcium and secondly normal diet. Results show that high calcium burns more calories in the absorption process and helps to store less fat.

  • Fat flush diet

This diet is the mixture of fat burners diet options along with cleansing diet, formulated by well-known nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman. This belly fat diet plan includes options with Low carbohydrates, good fats, restricted calories, digestion boosters. this combination of diet is supposing to be the fastest way to get rid of belly fat because of its multi-dimensional effects.

List of fruits that burns belly fat:


This fruit is full of phytonutrients (fight free radicals) and antioxidants. They have a high number of vitamins and fiber that keeps you feeling full, restrain you from overeating. This also fights against your lower belly pooch. In one study to find out, what is the best way to lose belly fat, 3 women within the age of 30 to 50 years. They were randomly assigned one from three types of supplementary diet to each one, 3 apples per day, 3 pears one day or 3 oat cookies each day. The result shows date ladies with fruits were losing body fat faster with approximately one-pound average than oats eating group.

Goji Berries:

These tiny chewy berries having a hunger shortening effect, amino acids make them an amazing source of protein. In 1 ounce, we get 3 grams of protein with only 23 calories makes it smooth that how to lose belly fat naturally.

Take 2 tablespoons of dried goji berries and Pour ¼ cup boiling water into berries, wait for 10 minutes and then drain the water, mix these berries with ½ cup of Greek yogurt, this super combination of fiber, protein and calcium best way to lose body fat.


If you can get bear the sourness of grapefruit, you are on the way to get an answer to an important question that how to lose belly fat fast. Grapefruit is super antioxidant and full of fiber which makes it the most suitable choice to control appetite. One study conducted on 91 obese patients and split them into four groups to find diets to lose belly fat. One group received a placebo and one had to drink grapefruit juice.

The other one received capsules extracted from grapefruit and the last one was allowed to eat fresh grapefruits. The participants were directed to consume their assigned supplements 3 times a day before each meal.

The result was the raw grapefruit user group lost the most weight. Juice user group was second and extracted capsules users were third. Placebo eater group was the last in this weight loss race.


If you are Probing that how to lose belly fat naturally then choose cranberries juice over soda. Cranberries have vitamin c, minerals, antioxidants and an organic acid which is a digestive enzyme. Try not to buy sugar added juice from the market, always prepare sugar-free cranberry juice at home


Pomegranate seeds have low calories.  An admirable amount of fiber and antioxidants makes them a fine choice to a loose belly fat diet. One cup provides 6 grams of fiber for 144 calories. You can use them on your salad dressing instead of nuts. They are especially delicious on raw spinach with lemon. You can choose them as a healthier snacking option. you can also sprinkle them over Greek yogurt to add a smoothie effect in your diet.


Banana is another healthy option to lose body fat because it is full of fiber and has the capability to stop us from cravings between meals. Bananas have very low fat. A normal size banana has 3.1 gram of fiber. So, it’s good to have bananas in reducing belly fat. but take it as a limited portion because of carbs.


If you feel empty just after eating a meal and for something else, so try to add half avocado to your meal plater. It’s an amazing part of a diet to lose fat have good fat about (7 grams per ¼ of the fruit). Its creamy and indulgent food avoid you from unhealthy craving options and enable you to stick with good foods to lose belly fat. Avocados can be used instead of mayonnaise in sandwiches, or mesh on toast with half boiled eggs, because of its creamy flora.

Water Melon:

Water Melon, probably Second name of Hydration, contains a lot of nutritional value and have proven to be a good one from best ways to lose belly fat. Its amazing attractive color from antioxidant lycopene is a juicy option to stay hydrated. Hydration directly put a positive impact on your metabolism, in an article, about to lose belly fat men named, Shawn Talbott, a Ph. D, nutritional biochemist states that Proper hydration avoids you from confusing thirst for hunger and overeating. And Don’t worry about its calories hype. 1 cup of watermelon just has 46 calories.

Vegetables and Seeds for getting rid of stomach fat:

 Chia Seeds:

These tiny seeds have a nutritional punch, one tablespoon contains 69 calories, large amount of calcium and 5.5 grams of fiber, Protein and omega 3 fatty acids. high fiber and calcium contents work rapidly and seem to cope with questions like, how to lose belly fat in a week or how to get rid of belly fat fast? Chia seeds convert itself into a jelly-like substance helps you to stay hydrated and leaves you feeling full.

Chia seed can be integrated into your breakfast with greek yogurt and goji berries, avocado-chia pudding, sprinkling on salad and addition to smoothies as well.

Note: It’s important Not to eat chia seeds in dry form, always eat as soaked and hydrated.

Flax Seeds:

Flex Seeds are diverse to provide you good fats and fiber, a tablespoon has 3 gram of fiber, 4 gram of healthy fats and 55 calories. The easiest way to use flex seeds is, grind them and add it into your smoothies.


It shouldn’t be overlooked in your diet if you are organizing the best diet to lose belly fat.

3 cups of raw spinach 2.9 gram of protein just on the cost of 23 calories, it’s also a healthy source of iron, potassium, and fiber, this dark, leafy green brings a lush look to your salad plate take two cups of blended spinach with 1 cup fruit and some unsweetened milk, this healthy smoothie can aid to burn belly fat men and for women too.


With the combination of water, antioxidant lycopene and potassium, tomatoes are also a winner in foods to reduce belly fat. it improves digestion and reduces bloating as well. Try tomatoes by baking with parmesan and pesto for quick healthy snacking. Can also use as a part of taco salad.

Herbs & Spices:

Cayenne peppers:

When you eat this spicy pepper, your body temperature goes up, it burns calories faster and increases your metabolism. When you mesh ginger with cayenne peppers, this mixture converts into good stomach fat burner. a study in 2014 shown, Cayenne peppers also reduce cravings.


Cinnamon has its own ways that how to lose weight on your stomach, it regularizes blood sugar, boost up metabolism and enable you to use carbohydrates, which otherwise turns into excess fat. so, try to have it every day by adding into yogurt, smoothies or take a cinnamon capsule before your meals. Again, it will help you to control your appetite and amazingly tells how to get rid of lower belly fat.


You might know that it is a miracle food in terms of burning fat. it suppresses appetite and signaling full to your mind. It increases metabolism by stimulating the nervous system to release hormone adrenaline. It stops fat to accumulate in your body.


Using cumin is one of the most effective ways to lose belly fat. the nutrients and antioxidants found in cumin help to increase your metabolism, reduce inflammation and boost up your fat burning process.

Soak 2 tablespoon cumin seeds in water overnight and then boil them in the morning, after filtering seed, squeeze a half lemon in the water and include this drink in your loose fat diets for 2 weeks in order to get a measurable difference.  Cumin seeds also used to remove bad cholesterol from your body.


An herb cum vegetable originated from China is the easiest way to lose belly fat, it belongs to the same family of the funnel, cumin, and caraway. The leaves, roots, seeds, and flower of this anise plant is beneficial and used in medicines and foods as well. It has been proved to be a good detoxifier to eliminate toxins from the body. It also is known as fat metabolizer and enables mind stabilization.

Other relevant vegetables, seeds and herbs like:

  • Bay leaf
  • Fennel
  • Coriander
  • Ginger
  • 225-gram daily lean meat, eggs or seafood
  • Raw vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, cucumber, onions).

Conditional and Forbidden food in Fat flush diet:

Starchy vegetables like carrots, Beans, Corn, Potato’s, dairy products, bakery products, grains, bread, soft drinks fats are prohibited items.

Only one protein item per meal, with the exception of eggs

  • No fruits and vegetables together
  • Avoid milk and meat together
  • No Water with a meal

Belly fat reduction Drinks:

Ginger Tea:

Ginger is a well-known herb for smooth digestion and fighter against obesity. It regulates your blood sugar. To prepare ginger tea just take and chop one-inch long piece of ginger and boil it into 2 cups of water, stir for almost 5 minutes and cover with the lid for five minutes more, than add 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon organic lemon juice and mint leaves can also be added to lose belly fat fast naturally.

Cucumber Juice:

When you are on the journey of fat reduction, cucumber is your best companion. Cucumber has a lot of fiber, antioxidants, and minerals with low calories that makes it a healthy and fastest way to lose belly fat.

Mix some water with Cucumber blend to decrease its thickness and pore half lemon to change its taste.

Lemon Juice:

Through this Lemon juice reduce belly fat men and women before to start workout can flush waste from the body, Lemon has vitamin c, Citric acid & Pectin Fiber, which make body functions more efficient and improvise natural ways to reducing fats. Cleansing and better digestion are the core benefits of lemon juice. Add some orange juice and water in the lemon juice to make a better taste. A mixture of lemon mint is excellent overnight Belly fat loss drink. You can make a tummy flatter during just by adding a half lemon in lukewarm water and take it in the morning.

Cinnamon tea:

Boil a cup of water and put a cinnamon stick in this boiling water and then take this water into a cup.

Add one spoon honey and cover this up for a short duration. You can take This cinnamon tea as Belly Fat Loss Drink Before Bed. This will amazingly help you to fat reduction, especially in belly fat removal.

Green Tea:

This tea has the best antioxidant called Catechins, fortunately with a low amount of caffeine. Green tea improves metabolism and detoxification and also a part of Belly Fat Burning Foods. this miraculous tea with lemon increases the benefits of green tea as fat burners for stomach fat and you got glowing skin as well.

Apple cider Vinegar:

apple cider vinegar is known as anti-bacterial, antibiotic and cleansing agent. Add some apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and take this mixture before going sleep. Acetic acid found in vinegar activates the genes which are capable to burn up excess can simply use a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice on your salad dressing to preparing a huge belly fat shrinker plate at lunchtime. Vinegar can be combined with foods to eat to lose weight in the stomach.

Fennel Tea:

these tiny seeds are well-known detoxifier, metabolism smoother and blood purifier. It also reduces water retention in the body.

This Super tea also reduces the instant hunger pangs ultimately save you from overeating. Take one tablespoon dried fennel seeds and put them into hot water then take off this water from the stove. Cover this cup of water for 10 minutes and use it. You can use this drink daily as an economical part of your Belly Fat Reduction diet.

Dandelion Tea:

Brew yourself a cup of Dandelion tea if you are seeking for how to get rid of belly fat fast, this tea is becoming popular these days as its medical properties are unveiled. this tea improves your stamina, digestion and increases the rate of fat burning. It also has “make you feel full” trick to cut your calories.

Belly Fat causes and Cures

Erectile Dysfunction:

More than 30 million men only in America have erectile dysfunction. Fat in your body directly proportional to your sexual health. Excess fat in your body narrowing the blood vessels, which disturbs the flow of blood in different body parts. Ultimately that unsmooth flow of blood causes soft erectile or zero at the worst condition. Belly Fat in women also has the same effect as a decrease in lubrication, Sexual stativity, and sexual joy.

High Blood Pressure:

Hypertension is referred to as the pressure that blood applies to the internal walls of the blood vessel.  Hypertension is mostly associated with obesity. The study shows women who gain weight is more likely to be hypertensive proportionately to their gained weight. Patient of Hypertension should adopt a fat burning diet, which will help to normalize blood pressure level as well.

Back Pain:

If you are overweight and particularly have excess fat around your belly, let’s avoid it. The majority of spinal specialist’s state that then it is likely leading to back pain. Extra weight in the shape of belly fat strains your back muscles, which causes back pain. A person having Normal weight can be posture himself straighter and at ease. But a person with belly fat feels more stress and heavier in all parts of the body.

Cortisol also associated with weight gain and pure diet habits. That also disturb your muscles as well.

Simply living a stress-free life is quite helpful to get rid of lower belly fat as well.


Being overweight can take a person close to type 2 diabetes. The study shows that weight gain specifically extra fat around the belly area can be a major cause of insulin resistance. The liver also stores sugar for later use but in fatty people, the lake of the Detoxification process disables the proper functioning of the liver.

The liver moved out sugar unnecessarily.

Breathing Problems:

Having extreme abdominal weight may restrain proper lung function. Fatty tissue can make the lungs harder and restrict the smooth breathing. A study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and critical care medicine shows that obesity decrease lung functions. More oxygen required to go through the excess fatty tissue that puts a burden on the cardiovascular and respiratory system as well. Belly fat reduction Treatment is not just necessary for you to avoid these kinds of diseases, It also improves your thinking ability and physical longevity.


Fat around our abdomen is called Visceral Adipose Tissue, if you have a gut fat, then note that it is more crucial fat due to the propinquity to intestines.  Fat Causes inflammation in different ways, the major reason is a lake of oxygen supply to fat cells. When you are slim and your body tissues are lean, oxygen can efficiently reach cells. But when you are overweight and body cells become obese, oxygen fights to circulate in cells. Extra Fat can also decrease the release of leptin hormone that makes us feel “full”  which eventually causes metabolic irregularities.


Painful, heavy sensation and discomfort feeling felt at the middle of the chest is to call heartburn. Excess belly fat causes back flow of acid from the stomach to esophagus. Heavy pressure on the stomach due to lower belly fat causes the symptoms of sore throat as well. The esophagus is the food pipe which links the throat and stomach.

Obesity is directly associated with acid reflux and heartburn as well. additional stomach fat related to three kinds of reflux diseases GERD, adenocarcinoma and Barret’s esophagus. These disorders likely decrease with belly fat loss and better sleep. Men can experience improvement in the heartburn and reflux disorders by losing 10 percent of their excess weight and women examine this positive change after 5 percent loss in body fat. Eliminate Spicy foods and high-fat meal from your diet to reduce stomach fat and GERD symptoms.

Mindful eating:

Mindful eating can be the best way to lose stomach fat. This exercise contains the process of eating and drinking with 100 % concentration on your smelling and taste senses. Exercise will bring greater control over what you eat and how much. Exclude distraction like watching tv, reading newspaper and communication. Just focus on the taste and smell of the food.  Mindful eating can be very helpful to restrict your food intake according to your belly fat diet plan. The study shows it takes 10 to 12 minutes to make a way your mind towards eating, so try to eat slowly and mindfully.

One Study shows that chewing slowly as 50 times per bite decrease calorie intake compared to chewing 15 times per bite. Another study shows through increasing chewing by 150% to 200% can reduce the amount of food intake 9.5% to 14.8% respectively.

Stress Elimination:

Depression, loneliness, anxiety and high-stress level cause Emotional eating. Humans always eat more or bad in stress. If you are on losing fat journey, then the peace of mind is necessary. Living a stressful life is like driving a car with the hand brake on. When we feel pressure and fear in our life hormones named cortisol and adrenaline are released and physically effects like

  • Shallow breathing
  • Slow digestion
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar
  • Repressed immune system
  • Tensed muscles

Cortisol is also termed as belly- spread hormone. So, stress elimination will reduce the release of cortisol and make getting rid of belly fat easier.

Effective Habits to burn belly fat fast

External motivation:

Your work out schedules needs internal and external motivation as well. Watch some sports motivational movies like the rookie, The Karate Kid. More specifically The Blindside (for football), Rocky (for the Gym life), Without Limits (Running) and And American Flyers (cycling).

Challenge your limits:

The goal setting in a workout ahead from where you are today is the best way to burn belly fat faster. Challenging and stretching your limits in all kind of exercise within the same time duration will enable you to burn more calories.  Challenge your self to run .25 km extra, 5 more push-ups or 10 more standing crunches.

Conscious Shopping habit:

Always try to buy a single pack of food. Large or family size packaging of food can indulge you towards surplus eating. So, tune yourself towards conscious shopping to find a restriction on your calories in the intake.

Use a food Journal:

Food Journal is an easy way to track your eating habits, schedules, diet to provide more control over your food choices. Suppose When you are chasing that how to reduce belly fat in 7 days or trying to adopt a belly fat diet plan, Food Journal will urge you to set goals and stick with that weight loss goals. Through some deliberation, concentration and counting calories, a food journal can arrange your best diet to lose fat.

Smart Snacking:

Making a smart choice in your snacking option is good. Snacks with low calories and less fat can are top of the preventive ways to lose belly fat. Especially hot fat women, who are exploring about how to get rid of belly fat women, should try to avoid provide processed food, and stick to high protein and high fiber snacks like Greet Yogurt with nuts, whole fruits with nut butter.

Sleep Management:

If you are searching topics regardinghow to get rid of stomach fat” than sleep management may be just as important as your diet and exercises. According to a study of US Adults, unfortunately, 30 % of the adult population has less than 6 hours of sleep each night. Relatively sleep is the missing factor for people who are struggling to reduce body fat.

There are 5 reasons that show why getting good sleep may help you to convert a big stomach in a flatter one.

Poor Sleep leads to Obesity:

Bad Sleep Habits repeatedly linked to increasing in Body Mass Index and excessive hard belly fat. Every person varies with sleep requirements, but generally stating, research has observed weight variations when people take less than 7 hours of sleep a night. Deprived sleep can make ineffective even the best diet for fat loss.

A review found that short sleep duration increased the possibility of obesity by 55% in adults and 89% in children. Another study surveyed about 60-000 nurses with normal weight for 16 years, results defined that nurses who slept at 5 hours become big fat women with an increase of more than 15% in weight than those who get 7 hours sleep.

Another short course of a study, 16 adults take only 5 hours sleep just for five nights, they gain an average weight of 1.8 pounds.

Sleep syndromes, like sleep apnea, are worsened by weight gain.

Bad Sleep habits can increase Appetite:

Sleep deprivation also affects appetite levels. This is likely caused by the influence of sleep on hunger hormones, Leptin and Ghrelin.

Leptin is a hormone released by Fat cells. It conquers hunger and signals of fullness in the brain.

Ghrelin hormone brings a feeling of hunger in the brain, with inadequate sleep, the body releases more ghrelin and less leptin, that directly leads to unnecessary eating, weight gain and increase in the fat stomach as well.

Good Sleep Stop Cravings:

Lack of Sleep changes the way your brain works. This may make difficult to choose healthy belly fat burning foods options, and disable to resist against food temptation. Sleep deprivation badly affects the power of decision making and self-control. A study on 12 men observed the sleep variation on food intake. where participants were allowed to sleep just 4 hours of sleep take

22 % more calories than 8 hours of sleep group.

Late Night Sitting can bring obesity:

People who stay still up after 12 P.M, mostly indulge in overeating, a study shows people with four hours sleep take 559 additional calories than they were allowed to take a normal 8 hours sleep. It is very simple to observe that more time you spent awake is available to eat. The study shows that they are facing difficulties to lose belly fat women, who are housewives with having servants and spending time inactively, like watching tv.

Sleep Can affect your Resting Metabolic Rate:

If we say normal 8 hours of sleep is the best way to lose fat, so it is true, many studies indicate that abnormal sleep can disable you to lose fat. Resting Metabolic Rate is the number of calories that our body burns in completely rest mode. Poor sleep can also cause muscle loss than fat, one study conducted on 10 overweight men with calories restricted diet, participants were instructed to have either 8.5- or 5.5-hours sleep. A group who choose 5.5 hours of sleep, lost more from their muscles and less from fat.

In short, Poor sleep habits dramatically alters the way your body responds to food. The simple answer to a complicated question like” how to lose body fat fast” is merely your sleep management.

Restrict Tv shows:

Try to use Tv Recorder and watch just you want in order to eliminate time wastage of commercials in your favorite shows. Restriction on your Tv watch time will save you from inactivity and provide more time for a cardio workout, which is the best way to lose weight from the stomach.

Belly Fat Reduction Exercises:

 The study states that Despite the abundant information about fat reduction exercises and gym activities, today’s average men are 24lbs heavier than 1960. You have spear will power, motivation, energy, schedules, active metabolism to burn stomach fat. Prefer more standing exercises than sitting. A mixture of lower and upper body workout is an effective exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week because it allows your muscles to work at optimum level.

Elliptical trainer:

Being the part of the best exercises to lose belly fat, elliptical trainer can be more useful, if you want to

try to close your eyes during this exercise. Without visual response. Your muscles will concentrate on working hard to balance your body. Through this little technique, you will burn more calories easily to get rid of belly fat.

Lawn mowing:

Mowing the grass has a soothing effect on your body and mental health as well. There is something reflective about pushing lawn mower across the lush green grass. This exercise whereas a secure furthermore an economical option losing body fat, also bring focus and restore sensory attention as well. Operating a grass mower is approximately almost equal to 3 hours of moderate physical activity. Try to use the old model some kind of heavy, less automated preferably manual lawn mover to burn extra calories.


Bicycling is another great exercise to get rid of belly fat in cardio exercises. During a 30 Minute Bike ride, a person can burn between 250 to 500 calories just through 30 minutes bike ride.  Burning stomach fat is half of the battle, second is to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

In a recent study, ab exercises were ranked, The Bicycle exercise stands at No.1 in terms of abdominal stabilization and more belly muscles activity.

Stair Climbing:

Stair climbing is the routine part of your life. You can get rid of belly fat fast if you utilize this routine wisely. Skip one or two steps of stairs, this method will induce to work more muscles, in fact resulting in lower belly fat loss.

Hit the weights:

Challenge yourself to hit more weight lifting targets and cutting down the rest duration between sets. Lifting heavy weights seems to be the best exercises to lose belly fat for men because it brings after effect for fat burning. It means your body keeps burning calories after leaving the gym.

Try Versaclimber:

Versaclimber is valuable cardio equipment, which saves your time, increases effectiveness to reduce fatness. The study shows that Versaclimber exercises burn more calories and fat in 15 minutes than Ellipticals, Steppers, and treadmills.

Best exercises to get rid of belly fat For Men at home:

Following are some economical stomach fat exercises without equipment

  • DB Swings
  • Renegade Rows
  • Plie Squats + Press
  • Gorilla Swings
  • 15 In & out squats
  • 10 Scatter jumps
  • 16 Lunge Jumps
  • Broad jump to backward hops
  • 10 thigh slap jumps

Foot Ball craze:

If you are crazy about burning belly fat, then you should choose an adopted craze, which is Football craze, Football involves running most of the time and if you are playing a match in a league, you put some extra pressure on your muscles to show some extraordinary performance, that’s best way to get rid of belly fat.

Do sprint intervals:

Sprint is exercise tends to burn fat faster, building muscles and improving metabolism than long walk or jogging. Sprint is becoming day by day famous in cardio exercises. Start your sprint intervals from 30 seconds and might be increased afterward. You can choose flat sprint on the sports field or running track or incline sprint to reduce belly fat more speedily and put more muscles on the workout. Fat men are advised to adopt incline sprint (on hilly road or mountain path) which is the best way to burn belly fat.

Mountain Climber:

Mountain climber can be best belly fat burner exercise when it is combining with sits through.

Starts in push up position

Lift your leg off the ground opposite to your lifted off hand.

After 2 sits through start mountain climber and complete these 4 times. Afterward, you may change your hand and leg combination in sits through.

Plyo Stepups:

Start with one foot on the platform and one on the ground, as you jump up to switch your feet. You will feel more heavy breathing and satisfactory worked out. Plyo Stepups fine for losing belly fat men with completing 8 rounds containing 4 plyo step ups each.

A mixture of Jacks & Burpee:

combination of Jacks & Burpee answers your striving question” how to lose belly fat fast” Start from standing straight up, jump your feet out and raise your arms overhead. Do this step for 5 times then bend your back, lower yourself towards the ground, jump out your feet to place a pushup position, go down to complete a burpee and stand up again for next 5 jumping jacks. It puts the whole body muscle to work and burn more calories.

Spider-Man Push-ups:

Work out with advance push up technique which is called spider man push-ups is really helpful for the fat belly.

Take the push-up position.

go down for a push-up and take off your one leg from the ground and bend your leg in crawling style then change your leg side. Two sides round of 30 seconds with 20-second push-ups and 10 seconds rest at the top position, repeat this process for 2 more times.

Standing crunches:

Different mixtures of Crunches suppose to be the best exercises to get rid of belly fat fast.

Keep your head and shoulder straight

take your right leg off the ground and try to touch your both hand with this leg, and then take your leg back to the ground and take off the left leg and do the same process for 15 seconds.

Lying crunches with breathing:

This exercise is meant to very effective exercise to burn belly fat because it connects you mentally with your muscles.

Lie down on exercise mate on a flat carpet.

Fold your legs as your heels should be right under your knees. Put your hands in a relax position behind your neck, and make sure you are mindfully connected to your abdominal muscles, for that you need to keep your abs tight, then crunch and hold, inhale from your nose and exile from your mouth, just imitating your abs muscles stress as coughing or sneezing. keep the focus on breathing. do it for 30 seconds.

Plank Posturing on Forearms:

With a plank posture on your forearms puts more stress on your core muscles than  plank on your hands. Took you knees backward and straighten your legs, put stress on your toes, hips should be in middle and align with your spine. this kind of plank posturing is a smart technique to getting rid of lower belly fat, Stay in that posture for 30 seconds.

Rolling like a ball:

Rolling involves most of your abdominal muscles which is the fastest way to get rid of belly fat and shape out your abs.

Sit on the floor by bending your knees and holding your ankles, roll back with keep holding your ankles. Inhale as you go back and exhale as you come forward, balance on your tailbone for 30 seconds, make sure your feet do not touch the floor.


 If you are stuck in a question like” how to get rid of belly fat” just through walking. So, the answer is through Simple Walk, which can do wonder with your metabolism. Gonzalez says “simple walking workout like brisk walking for 45 to 60 minutes”. Daily brisk walk for 1 hour can lead to 1-pound belly fat loss in a week.

Water therapy:

Usage of more water before your meal times makes feeling full and reduce appetite. Water covers more space in your stomach automatically avoid the intake of extra calories. 4 glass of lukewarm water with empty stomach in the morning is the quickest way to lose belly fat. Start from the 1 glass and increase up to 4 glass each morning. This will help you to avoid constipation, alive your metabolism and prove itself top active part of your fat loss diet.


Yoga is equally beneficial to both men and women. The study shows Women with 30 minutes daily Yoga for 3 months had low cortisol level during stress conditions. Yoga provides mindful eating which is the best way to lose belly fat as well as other physical benefits like.

  • Wider vision, flexible attention
  • Deep breathing
  • Optimal Digestion
  • Reduce blood sugar
  • Maintain blood pressure
  • Relaxed muscle

Best belly fat exercises at home for women:

Half Turkish Get up:

This typical exercise is proven helpful way that how to lose belly fat women without going to the gym. just take a dumbbell or kettle ball on the floor and lie on the floor as kettle ball will be next to your left shoulder.

Roll on to your left side grip the handle and pull the ball towards your chest and roll back to face up position.

Bend your left leg place a foot on the floor and right leg should be in straight position.

Press the ball with your left hand towards left shoulder and take your right hand in 45-degree position to your body.

press your right arm elbow to the ground and start an upward movement of your left hand with kettle ball and take your chest rise up from the floor.

Your right leg should remain straight. Keep your face towards ball or dumbbell.

Put some Sprawl effort:

This is a full body exercise to induct most of the muscles, suppose to be the best exercise for fat belly girl. This seems like an advanced form of a burpee, where your chest is going to touch the ground. To perform Sprawl, begin with an athletic posture.

your feet should be at the shoulder size width, bend yourself to your knees and weight of your body should be on the balls of the feet. Kick your leg backs and land towards a modified pushup spot. You have to land on your toes, thighs, and palms of soon as your landing complete, just roll back yourself to the starting position and repeat the process.

Run on the Incline:

Sprint on the incline is beneficial for the stomach fat loss in women also for men as well. Jill Penfold says that running on the inclined surface increases the calories burn by 50% than on the straight surface. On Hilly path or on incline treadmills in the gym try to pick up your pace for 5 to 10 minutes and increase this duration on the next day.

Medicine ball slam:

Addition of a medicine ball in your workout especially in burpees can be a big factor to burn fats.  this act strengthens metabolism in your flat stomach journey. Hold a medicine ball in your both hands, stand straight, take the ball over your head and smash it to the ground with your supreme power.  Then bend your knees put a medicine ball on the ground and put your hands-on ball with pushups position. By keeping your body in a straight line then jump back to the plank position, pick your ball and take it again overhead and repeat the process.

This video contains the core ideas of exercise to reduce belly fat for a female at:

Exercise Machine

More efficient calories burning machines which involve us to frequent activity is a treadmill, elliptical and indoor cycling. But when you choose exercises to get rid of belly fat then you have to work on whole body exercise as well like chest press, leg press, Bicep curl and at the end planks, crunches etc.

Belly Fat Belt

helps to burn more calories and fat, by wrapping the belt around your tummy, you start to get rid of belly fat fast with no disturbance in your routine working.

Belly Fat Belt Does it work?

Belly Fat Belt Burner is supposed to be helpful in increasing the ability to burn more calories and find more flatter abdomen area.

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Fitru Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt for Women & Men - Waist Trainer Stomach Wrap 366 customer reviews
Fitru Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt for Women & Men - Waist Trainer Stomach Wrap 366 customer reviews

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