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About us


Some things in life never change, like the traffic in Los Angeles or the weather in Tahiti. But fitness doesn’t fall into that category. In the exercise world, there’s innovation in equipment, research, classes, gadgets, videos, and Web sites just about every day. So what exactly is new in fitness? Health institutions are offering innovative new classes, like circuit training, cardio kickboxing, and firefighter boot camp, and nifty new machines, like the elliptical trainer. Yoga and other “mind-body” workouts have become so popular that we’ve devoted additional space to them. Technology has transformed fitness in many ways, too.  Clubs have invested in different entertainment systems so you can watch your own personal TV or even surf the Internet while running on the treadmill. Of course, this being the fitness industry, the last few years have also seen the invention and marketing of new schlock — like pills that claim to eliminate cellulite or burn extra carbohydrates and machines that maintain to tone your thighs “without any effort on your part. We help you sort through all of that.


Our main mission is to tackle your fears, whether you worry or not that no matter what exercise routine you start, sooner or later you’ll end up back in the recliner. We don’t want you to be a fitness statistic. The fact is, among people who start a workout program, half quit within eight weeks. This platform gives you the knowledge and motivation to stick with fitness for the rest of your life

Fitnessta tells you the stuff you really want to know, such as:

  • Will you burn excess fat if you exercise at a slower pace?
  • Which tools are most reliable for home exercises?
  • Which weight-training exercises are good for beginners?
  • How many days a week do you need to work out?
  • Is low-carbohydrates eating right for you?

The Fitnessta is basic enough for the fitness to understand, but it’s also useful for workout crazy ones who want to brush up on the latest fitness concepts, gadgets, or training techniques. If you want to ask anything specific related to Fitnessta message us. We will respond. Thankyou